How Teach Well Toolkit benefits your school


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Steve Waters explains how Teach Well Toolkit

membership solves your school's

staffing problems



Mentally well staff

This hand holding a medical cross in its palm shows that we will support you to tackle mental ill-health in your school.

Reduce absence caused by burnout

Supportive school culture

This image icon of a group of people connected to each other on the internet shows that we will will support you by providing a network for your teachers to share experiences of their mental health and what strategies have helped them

Staff can ask for help without judgement


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Attract and retain staff 

Three cartoon headshots, one male and one female to represent teachers who want to stay in their school or are applying for a teaching post in a school

Staff know they will be looked after

Wellbeing iAbacus School Assessment

Assess your progress in implementing a culture of staff mental health with our unique Wellbeing iAbacus.

Keep your notes in one place. Produce instant reports. As easy as sliding beads on an abacus! 

Screenshot of Teacher Wellbeing iAbacus to show how beads can be moved along a line to assess vision and policy; leadership; workload; home and school and mental health


Training and Courses

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